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Roofing solutions frecuently asked questions


Roofing solutions frecuently asked questions


Roofing solutions frecuently asked questions


Roofing solutions frecuently asked questions

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Roofing solutions and insurance claims
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As opposed to wind damage which is extremely easy to see and identify, hail damage is often times subtle and hard to identify. Proper identification of hail damage requires specialized training and experience. Hail damage to asphalt shingles cannot be seen without physically getting on the roof or a drone with a high resolution camera. Many homeowners have inspected their own properties and not noticed the damage they received. If there are many contractors and roofing companies frequenting your area it is extremely likely that there will be damage on your home.

When hail strikes an asphalt shingle, the granules are knocked loose and knocked off as well as driven into the matting of the shingle itself. At the same time, the fiberglass matting on which asphalt is laid before applying the granules during the manufacturing process, gets fractured/torn. Depending on the size of the hail and the condition of the shingles, the fractures may be small or large. Even with smaller fractures, over time the exposure to UV sun rays and temperature variation particularly in the winter, small fractures develop into leaks over time.

If your property sustained storm damage, you are obligated by your insurance policy to report the damage as timely as possible.
Most insurance companies allow for one year from the date of loss to complete repairs. While this may seem like a long time, there are many factors.
Insurance companies have a rapid influx of claims after major storms.
Response times are greatly reduced. The same happens with contractors and building material suppliers.
The schedule gets filled due to such high demand.

No. Down payments are not collected until after materials have arrived and work has begun.
Final payments are due after completion of all work.

Call or reach out through our website today and our staff will schedule a convenient
time for you to meet with one of our Project Managers.

Yes. There will be a final inspection conducted by your local building department. Depending on the location of your property or the type of work being performed, there may be multiple inspections.

Yes. We are experts at handling Property Damage Claims and have our own in house adjusters
that use insurance industry standard Xactimate software to adjust our customer’s losses.

Adding a second layer to your roof system adds extra weight, reducing the ventilation of the system and poses other long term risks.

An average sized home will be completed in one day.
Larger crews are used for larger properties and 3 days is about the longest any residential home would take to complete.

No. We actually recommend planning some time away from home if possible. Re roofing is a major construction project and there will noise from the crew working and nail guns going off.
Your Project Manager will review with you any necessary steps you should take before the installation begins. Having cars out of the garage and having pictures inside taken down are some examples. Landscaping is tarped, and a dump trailer, rather than a roll off dumpster will be used. This allows our crews to position debris trailer such that most debris can make it in the trailer immediately after being removed from the roof. Extensive cleaning of the jobsite is always conducted at the end of the job complete with blowing off the roof and blowing out the gutters and walk ways, picking up all debris and nails, and rolling the yard with magnetic rollers to pick up hard to see nails.

Don’t leave the security of your home to chance!
We are storm damage and insurance claim experts!

Our certified inspectors often discover
damages unbeknownst to our customers.

We have a claims specialist on staff to handle your claim.


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Storm Solutions Inc. BBB Business Review
Storm Solutions Inc. BBB Business Review